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Who is it?

What does it mean?

I was sent an email to a forum that diescusses obscure crypto and art stuff

Many said it’s Xcopy Art

Others said it’s PAK

No one said Beeple

The .com popped up today 0xcopy.com

It has Twitter no info so far Twitter.com/0xcopy

It has a NFT on Opensea only one the MP4 NFT that is on the site with zero info Opensea.io/0xcopy

It’s a cool name and the fact the artist got it on .com/Twitter/Opensea means he owns 0xcopy lock stock and barrel

Ox is the initial string of all ETH addresses, is it Vitalik?

The NFT is minted on a ETH side chain on the #1 Market

1 Million editions ZERO are listed for sale

Who will be the first to throw an offer on an edition? Maybe grab 10 or 1000 or a 1,000

Will the artist burn it down? After making his statement on anonymous NFT art


I DM’d some of the top suspects for who it is, no one returned my DM yet

As fast as the Million Editions appeared they have all now left the genesis wallet of 0xcopy

10 transfers to anonymous wallets all now with 100,000 copies of the genesis work of 0xcopy

So in a couple of hours they/him/her is now a legend with 10 whale owners who are now in charge of the secondary market




247 NFT

NFT News & Reviews


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