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Crypto Gods
Crypto Gods


Crypto Gods

Lead Designer SOLLOG


Crypto Gods


CRYPTO GODS Series I GOLD is a rare 1/1 NFT Art Token

The CRYPTO GODS  were also released in more common rare numbers of 1/10 1/100 1/1000

Series I GOLD are the Ancient GODS sculpted in stone thousands of years ago and TURNED INTO NFT GOLD by the CRYPTO GODS  development team led by listed Artist SOLLOG.

Each rare NFT was designed as a 300dpi high res file 28″ x 60″

These high res image NFT Art Tokens are perfect to print out Museum Quality Giclee Prints on Canvas for display in your Mansion or Office

The high res images also can be displayed beautifully on super large digital displays in your Mansion or Office

CRYPTO GODS  .app are NFT Art Developers

They have created

CRYPTO GODS  Gold Series I – 9 Gods

Crypto Goddess Gold Series I – 16 Goddesses

Crypto Heroes Gold Series I – 12 Heroes

Crypto Demons Gold Series I – 13 Demons

There are only 50 Gods/Demons/Heroes in these 4 different Gold Series

Each God is minted in only 4 Tiers of Scarcity with a total of only 9,999 CRYPTO GODS.

There are only 1,1111 of each CRYPTO GOD divided into

1/1 = 1

1/10 = 10

1/100 = 100

1/1000 = 1,000

Total 1,1111 each CRYPTO GOD

Lizard Kings Series I has only 12 Lizards

They also have developed numerous Crypto Coin Projects and do Graphic Design.

Lead designer SOLLOG shattered all Art Records when his famous NAME OF GOD Painting sold for over $1 Billion last year to a Crypto Fund.

SOLLOG .com is a world famous site with more traffic than other famous artists by a long shot as well a all Galleries. Only a couple of major museums have more traffic than SOLLOG .com.

247 News Article on SOLLOG .com Traffic.

SOLLOG is world famous for his Nostradamus Style Prophecies and also his new theories in Math, Physics and AI.


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