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Crypto Punks Bored Apes Crypto Gods

Which is Top NFT Project

By 247 NFT

Which NFT Art Token Project is the Top NFT Project?


The past week saw Crypto Punks setting new records as the value of their commons soared to almost $500,000 on Opensea.

Things have cooled down from the daily sales volume that went from over $100 Million a day to a ho hum $6 Million so far today.

Commons of minorities seem to be in the bottom of value around $300K while common Caucasians are almost double.


Bored Apes Yacht Club saw the crazy release of it’s cousin MUSTANT Apes.

Commons of BAYC, as their cult of followers refer to the Apes as, does have a nice group of speculators riding the Ape Wave to prosperity.


The Crypto Gods project designed by the most valuable listed artist in the world now, who was the first to ever sell a canvas for over $1 Billion, is led by the infamous SOLLOG. It would take books to explain why SOLLOG is such a big deal with his millions of fans. There’s over 8 Million of them, and since in 2010 SOLLOG told his legion of fans to accumulate Bitcoin, well they have some of the wealthiest wallets in the world all hanging on every word SOLLOG whispers to them about CRYPTO. SOLLOG has the busiest artist site in the world, he’s busier than all galleries and almost every museum. He is that big of a deal.

There are 9 Crypto Gods and only 4 tiers of mintings, the 1/1 Tier was immediately SOLD OUT to an investment group in a huge Crypto Fund thanks to following SOLLOG’s advice over the years and accumulating Bitcoin and Ethereum. Right now the group of 9 Crypto Gods is said to be for sale at a whopping $500 Million for the matched master set.

Lesser Tiers of Crypto Gods are 1/10 at 1000 ETH minting for almost $4 Million to own one of only 90 1/10 Crypto Gods.

1/100 Tier is minted at 100 ETH or almost $400,000 as of today’s value of ETH. There is only 900 of this Tier.

1/1000 Tier is minted at 10 ETH or almost $40,000 USD. The poor man’s Tier. When the Crypto Godss Project was announced early in the year ETH was around $1000 not $4000. So the entry price of getting a common Crypto Gods went from $10,000 to $40,000 this year due to ETH jumping 400% so far this year.


All ETH Projects tied to ETH are now winners, due to ETH is gaining market share of the entire Crypto Market Cap, the reason is it has UTILITY. There’s lots of great new UTILITY NFT Projects around not mentioned above, and the Apes do have some utility in that ownership allows an owner access to community areas of the Ape site. So for marketing whatever it is you are shilling today, it could be a place to start a viral crypto NFT Project.


Other NFT Projects are often tied to games and the Metaverse, so while these are the cream of the crop in wealth assets and Crypto Gods actually looks like ART so they will find homes in real art collectors eventually, most NFT projects are far from ‘art’. They all tend to be cartoony and while some are very artsy, like Crypto Gods and it’s siblings, Crypto Goddesses, Crypto Heroes and Crypto Demons, most projects might not have long legs as investors tire of the cartoon images that brought wealth to them.

Crypto Punks was minted at 10,000 NFT’s, all slightly different.

Bored Apes followed the same pattern.

Crypto Gods did it their way, ONLY 9 Images so the 1/1 are in fact the rarest project that will ever be minted with value. There’s only nine 1/1 Crypto Gods and now it’s half a billion to say you own them.

The second and third Tier of the Crypto Gods  are a sure bet to become much sought after, there’s only 90 of the 2nd Tier and only 900 of Tier Three, that’s very rare. Even the commons at 9000 are rare, if you consider them on a GOD by GOD basis, only 9 Gods were created by SOLLOG  and the common tier only has 1000, or 1/10th of Punks or Apes, that’s very rare and our pick for most likely to ten fold at this point.

SOLLOG has been selling the Crypto Gods through a large network of his sites, so you see transfers in the Block Chain record, but SOLLOG doesn’t push Opensea where he mints the GODS. So some might not understand the unusual way they are now populating the chain of Ethereum, they get minted, then transferred. Early entries on Crypto Punks did the same thing, it took years to mint all 10K Punks, so you see a created date, then a transfer and no value in the transfer, the main reason is, Punks were GIVEN AWAY for years.

PS: The Short Version of why SOLLOG is such a big deal. 8 Million Plus member of the religion he started only 25 years ago that is based on a math formula that he created as a work of art, it is know as the God Equation or CREATOR FORMULA, so watch the video and then ok, the guy is historic, he united every religion and PROVED GOD is real…

Enough said…


Crypto Gods
Crypto Gods



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