fracti Crypto Coin takes 50% stake in Crypto Gods by SOLLOG


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fracti Crypto Coin

takes 50% stake in Crypto Gods by SOLLOG



The artist with the largest sale in History a whopping $1.3 Billion for his NAME OF GOD Oil Painting last year, just sold 50% of the commons to his Crypto Gods project for a cool $250 Million in crypto.

The deal was on the fracti network the #1 FREE crypto project.

fracti has been acquiring lots of large positions in Crypto Projects via their free crypto coin. This is their huge wallet on Opensea, mega millions in NFT Art Tokens.

The coin is infinite and stable and has a huge store filled with books, music and movies plus one of the nicest inventories on Opensea of millions of NFT Art Tokens.

Anyone can generated about $100,000 a year in fracti the way it is set up, it doesn’t matter if you’re a peasant or a billionaire at the fracti network, you EARN fracti by using the network.

The acquistiion of 4500 Crypto Gods out of a very limited 9000 minting makes that coin now in control the future of the Crypto Gods token.

Already they jumped the price from 10 ETH around $50K to over $100K the commons are now 25 ETH, that’s the new floor.

Compared to commons like Crypto Punks, it’s a steal at $100K and when you consider some users will eventually have $100K fracti they can buy the tokens for free with free fracti that took almost a year to accumulate.



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